In Hudson NY, Mario Correa’s daring play “Commander” says there’s an LGBT President in our future


Here’s a fascinating play that proposes that someone gay will soon be running for President of the United States. Imagine something like that happening and the festive inauguration night – after a surprising election – that has the new President dancing with his First Husband. Sounds far fetched, right? Maybe not. Playwright Mario Correa has suggested a similar setup for his play Commander. In it, he focuses on the relationship between the candidate and his partner, and what might really transpire during such a quest. Directed by Barbara Waldinger, Commander gets a staged reading this coming Saturday in Hudson, New York at the HRC ShowcaseTheatre. It’s part of their 25th Season.

Mario Correa
Mario Correa

It’s not about warring philosophies or one party versus another. Instead, it’s a human story about a man struggling with his own identity and his fractious personal relationship with his partner, even as he strives for the highest office in the land.” – Mario Correa

If this premise excites your imagination, then you have to read the probing interview Larry Murray had (Link)with playwright Mario Correa. It explores what was in his mind when he set up the premise of the drama in Berkshire on Stage.

We think it is worth a trip to Hudson to see this political drama played out in the midst of our current tumultuous Presidential election year, and to have the chance to rub shoulders with the many LGBT folks in Hudson who turn out for events like this. Admission is $15. For reservations, please telephone 518-851-2061. HRC Showcase Theatre productions are performed in the First Reformed Church of Hudson, 52 Green St., Hudson, N.Y.