Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Rainbow Seniors

Did Judy Garland steer us wrong?

St Patricks Day 1

The pot o’ gold isn’t OVER the rainbow.

It’s at the END!

Let’s celebrate St. Patrick’s Day anyway. Old-school.

at the

Rainbow Seniors Potluck

Tuesday, March 21 at noon

First Congregational Church of Williamstown

Corner of Route 2 and Chapin Hall Road

shamrock  Rainbow Seniors will supply a hunk of corned beef.

shamrock Maybe others will contribute corned beef too?

 shamrock Maybe people will bring cabbage or boiled potatoes?

shamrock  Or just dump some green food coloring into your tuna casserole.

Whatever we eat will bring us the Luck o’ the Irish

. . . because we will all be together.   

Rainbow Seniors to focus on new and interesting programs for our 2017 meetings


Help Us Design the Year to Come

Some of the best programs we have had at our meetings came from suggestions provided by the members. (And it was clear right from our very first meeting in October 2015 that the members wanted an interesting program at all our meetings, with or without a potluck.)

So let’s do some brainstorming at our January 7 meeting and see what we come up with.

And while we’re at it, let’s celebrate the New Year over cookies — provided by Rainbow Seniors — and whatever other snacks you’d like to provide.

Berkshire Athenaeum
2nd floor conference room
Saturday, January 7
2 pm – 4 pm
For more information, contact Ed at 413-441-6006 or ed@rainbowseniors.org
(If you’re planning to attend the Four Freedoms rally beforehand, the rally will be held right at Park Square, a block and a half from where we meet. For info on the march and rally:  https://berkshireonstage.com/2017/01/01/berkshires-united-in-support-of-americas-four-freedoms/

A holiday gathering in Williamstown for Rainbow Seniors


The rainbow is a perfect symbol for the month of December with its many holidays, and whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwaanza, Hanukkah or the birth of Apollo and Artemis, we are going to have a festive party on Tuesday, December 20 from Noon to 2pm at the First Congregational Church meeting room in Williamstown. It’s a potluck event, so cook up something special to bring and share at our family buffet.

If you haven’t joined us before, the First Congregational Church of Williamstown is the large white church on Route 2, with free parking in the rear. Use Chapin Hall Drive which runs alongside the church to access. Be sure to remember your parking permit for the dashboard, or if you need one, pick one up at the church office so you are not ticketed.

Ideas: past, present and future

We will also be looking for some ideas on things to do and speakers to invite to our meetings in 2017, so be sure to bring your ideas and suggestions as well. We need them to be sure our gatherings represent the diversity of our members.

In the past we have done things like a day in the deep woods, a June Pride Dance, trips to performances at Jacob’s Pillow, Barrington Stage Company and the Williamstown Theatre Festival, as well welcoming special guests from the worlds of politics, entertainment and the social services to speak at our meetings.

To keep up to date we have an e-mail list that keeps us in contact with each other. To have your name added, or for more information, send a note to ed@rainbowseniors.org. You can also call Ed at 413-441-6006.

Rachel Maddow talks about her partner, their two labs and herself

Rachel Maddow and her partner Susan Mikula at home.
Rachel Maddow and her partner Susan Mikula at home.

We came across an interview with Rachel Maddow in a recent WebMD magazine while at our doctor’s office. Here are a few highights of what she had to say, with a link to the complete article. Some day we hope to do a real in-depth interview with the truth-telling newshound, or even better have her speak at one of our Rainbow Seniors events. She has to be the best role model that the LGBT community has at the moment.

What makes you happy?

I have a really good personal relationship with my partner. It’s the spine on which the rest of my skeleton hangs. We’re together 17 years now.

You’ve had recurring depression since you were a teenager. What’s it like for you?

The way I experience depression is a real closing-off from the world. It can make you really shut down physically. It can be very lonely and isolating. It turns on and turns off.

What helps you manage it?

My partner. She can remind me that I’m having an episode and it is temporary. And not allowing it to stop my life. I have to stick to a routine and keep working. I have to exercise.

Have any puppy advice?

There is no such thing as too much puppy class. We had a dog who was a super handful. We just kept doing puppy class over and over. Now we’ve got two giant black Labs who are giant marshmallows.

Do you have any new projects you’re excited about?

I go fishing a lot and I’m terrible at it. I need to get serious. 2017 is going to be my year where I finally stop being a complete 6-year-old when it comes to fishing.

To read the full article, go to http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/features/rachel-maddow

An “out” doctor shares some “insider” information for the patient


Do visits to the doctor make you tense? Adam Irick is one of our own and he tells us how to work with your doctor and other professionals to get the best results. Don’t miss Saturday’s gathering on Saturday December 3, 2016 from 2-4pm at the Berkshire Athenaeum in Pittsfield. It’s held in the conference room on the second floor. For more information, call Ed at 413-441-6006 or by email at ed@rainbowseniors.org. Check us out on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/berkshirerainbowseniors.


Rainbow Seniors meet twice a month in Pittsfield and North Adams


If you enjoy getting together with other LGBTQ seniors, there are plenty of opportunities to do so here in Berkshire County. We meet twice a month as follows:


Pittsfield: Me gather on the first Saturday of the month from 2-4pm at the Berkshire Athenaeum around the big table in the conference room on the second floor.


Williamstown: It’s a potluck lunch that brings us together in one of the many meetings rooms at at the First Congregational Church in Williamstown on the Third Tuesday of each month. Come a bit early to help arrange the buffet, and to chat with members of this friendly group. And be sure to bring a dish to share.


We also get together for walks, theatre trips, a bit of activism and other events throughout the year.

To keep up to date we have an e-mail list that keeps us in contact with each other. To have your name added, or for more information, send a note to ed@rainbowseniors.org. You can also call Ed at 413-441-6006.

We are always looking for interesting guest speakers for our gatherings, and welcome your ideas.

And of course we are on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/berkshirerainbowseniors.