How Will Rainbow Seniors Be Created?

How Will Rainbow Seniors Be Created?


To start, this will be a needs assessment/community organizing project. Working with each Council on Aging (COA) director who participates, we would develop a presentation for their particular center that they think would be of interest to their full membership. The aim would be to create an event that secretive LGBT seniors would feel comfortable attending, one that would not necessarily broadcast to their peers that they have a special interest in the subject. For example: “I Was Invited to a Same-Sex Wedding: What’s the Etiquette?” or “My Grandson Told Me He’s Gay: What Do I Need to Know?” The topic would vary from center to center based on the advice of the COA director.

Similar presentations will be made at churches, synagogues, and mosques; at civic organizations; and at worksites.

During the presentation, the presenter would tell the audience that an LGBT seniors program exists and explains how “their gay friends” can discretely find out more. The presenter would distribute an information sheet to everyone attending. That way nobody would have to be seen writing down a phone number or taking the initiative in pocketing a flyer.

As the number of participating seniors grows, we would learn from them what they feel they need or want out of such a program. And so we begin.