Rainbow Seniors attend “Tribes” at Barrington Stage Company, meet deaf, gay actor Joshua Castille

Joshua Castille
Joshua Castille

The play Tribes at Barrington Stage Company in Pittsfield tells the story of a young man growing up deaf in a hearing family. The parallels to growing up gay, lesbian or trans in a straight household are astonishing. When tickets became available to Rainbow Seniors, almost two dozen of us made our way to not only see the play, but then stayed for the talkback immediately following in which the actors shared their experiences in coming to grips with the ground breaking show that has spoken, signed and captioned elements.

The lead actor, Joshua Castille, who is both deaf and gay capped that evening’s performance and talkback by sitting down with Berkshire on Stage to talk about both deaf and gay issues. You can read his candid and sometimes eye-opening comments in this interview.

Be technicolor in a monochromatic moment” – Joshua Castille

Josh Castille is an actor, known for his film and tv work in Passengers (2015), Sign (2016) and Switched at Birth (2011). He recently completed a run on Broadway in Deaf West’s signed/sung version of Spring Awakening in which he played Ernst, the gay character.

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