“We’ve Been Around” spotlights trans pioneers in new six part series

WBA title grid

Rhys Ernst (producer of Amazon’s Transparent) has unveiled a new docuseries We’ve Been Around, which celebrates the previously untold stories of transgender pioneers in history. “With this series,” Ernst says, “I wanted to look towards my own trans history and forbearers to see where I came from and where we’re headed.”

With a dynamic mixture of archival footage, live action, and animation tailored to each particular story, the series moves through history from Civil War battlefields to prohibition era brothels, from the East Village to San Francisco at the height of the AIDS epidemic, telling stories of pioneers who lived authentically – long before the world knew the word “transgender.”

We’ve Been Around, created by Ernst and up for Emmy consideration, is a six-episode docuseries. Each episode is approximately five minutes. Here’s the first. We plan to feature others in the next few weeks.


Amid the punk ethics of 1990’s identity politics, trans activists Leslie Feinberg and Riki Anne Wilchins spearhead a movement to protest the trans-exclusionary policy of a women’s music festival in CAMP TRANS #wevebeenaround #camptrans

“The trans movement may be making headlines, but our rich history is often overlooked. Trans people have always existed, and have lived many different lives. The central theme of We’ve Been Around is stated in the title. We’ve been here, throughout time, often hidden in plain sight. These stories show us just how important it is to share our histories,” concludes Ernst.

For more series information, and additional episodes to be viewed, go to www.wevebeenaround.com

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