International Day of Trans Visibility


20150705-205301-e1459430702680March 31 is a day to both celebrate and rededicate our efforts to support our trans brothers and sisters in their difficult fight for equality. The infographic in the right hand column details the struggle many face just to find and keep a job.

One way to mark International Day of Trans Visibility is to view the stunning short movie BraceWritten, produced and starring trans filmmaker and activist Jake Graf, and directed by Sophy Holland and Alicya Eyo, the movie has played at  over 40 film festivals worldwide and won Best Short at Queer-STREIFEN, Germany and The Alfred C Kinsey Award at Bloomington Pride, Indiana. Just click on the graphic below.

The film is described as follows: “After coming out and leaving his girlfriend, Adam dreams of finding acceptance within London’s gay scene. His burgeoning freedom is soon challenged when he meets Rocky, a handsome stranger who is harboring a secret that he desperately wants to share with Adam. As their bond strengthens and Rocky prepares to reveal his secret to Adam, their fledgling romance is ruptured by a cataclysmic event that forces the truth to come out in the most explosive manner.”



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