Next Williamstown potluck March 15



Once agan the Rainbow Seniors of Berkshire County will gather in Williamstown and share a potluck lunch with a group conversation to follow. The food is always a wonderful surprise – we have some of the best cooks in the county! – as are the topics and conversation starters.

With a hearty welcome to everyone in the LGBTQ community, the North County meeting begins at noon and usually ends around 2pm in Williamstown. As we did at the last meeting, we gather in the library of the First Congregational Church of Williamstown, 906 Main St., at Route 2 and Chapin Hall Road. Social conversation takes place over the potluck lunch while the ice cream or other treat for dessert – compliments of Rainbow Seniors — signals it’s time to pick a topic.

Some of our members attend both the Pittsfield and Williamstown meetings, and soon we will be posting info on a Cheshire Q&A Session to introduce ourselves to seniors in that community, as we did in Adams just over a week ago.  It’s part of a conscious outreach effort to let  community members  gay and straight – know that we exist, to ask questions and share information on LGBTQ resources across the county.

If you are not on our e-mail list yet, send Ed a note at or give him a call at 413-441-6006.

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