Taylor Mac digs into hidden gay/queer history

Rainbow Seniors of the Berkshires has chosen the Taylor Mac show in Williamstown as its first major group outing, and 24+ folks are making tracks with us for the ’62 Center show. (Please arrive early to pick up your reserved ticket – general seating.) The unusual and entertaining show promises to be a blend of history, music, performance art and drag. The evening covers three decades of great American music,  part of a larger, marathon 24 decade show that will eventually be undertaken by the tireless and over the top actor-singer Taylor Mac.

In preparing for the now distant historic visit to the 1770-80-90’s the star of the show visited Vermont – in full costume – as you will see in this video made for an earlier performance at Dartmouth.


What Taylor Mac is doing is reclaiming our Queer history which had been hidden from view for far too long, with the possible exception of Walt Whitman. In our popular music, we find many subtle and coded messages, some dating back to the severe Colonial times when procreation was virtually mandatory. He explains his quest in the video as well. There will be a longer Taylor Mac show focusing on another era, the music of the mid to late 1800’s at Mass Moca  in the Spring. This will be a six hour show which will require a certain degree of endurance, even with the museum’s “come and go” setup. The group will decide if it is worth seeing. With the lack of consistent gay entertainment in the Berkshires, these events are too precious to pass up.

Group outings will take place periodically over the four seasons of the year, with some outdoor oriented fun as the weather improves. Suggestions from you are always welcome since the greater the variety of activities, the better for our community of Rainbow Seniors.

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