Jane Fonda (78) and Lily Tomlin (76) chat on TED

Jane Fonda joins longtime friend Lily Tomlin – whose Netflix series  Grace and Frankie is a delightful mashup of comedy and divorces – get together to talk about feminism among other things.

Premiere Of Netflix's "Grace And Frankie" - Red Carpet

Sitting side by side in chairs at the London Hotel in West Hollywood, Fonda turned to Tomlin: ”Most of our male friends are feminists, right?” she asked, and then paused, adding, “Well, not my ex-husbands.” Tomlin threw her head back with laughter.

In Grace And Frankie, Fonda and Tomlin play two women whose longtime husbands announce they want divorces in order to get remarried — to each other. The two women’s lives are turned upside down, and despite their many differences, they end up supporting each other in unexpected ways.

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