You are Invited to our next meeting!


Rainbow Seniors are now meeting in both Pittsfield and Willliamstown and we hope you can attend one or both of them. Meetings are open to those Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer/Questioning folks (LGBTQ) whose age may or may not be a sensitive topic.


RSChurchinSnow copy

Third Tuesdays are the regular day to join us in Williamstown for a potluck lunch. Coming up on February 16 from noon until two or so, it takes place at the First Congregational Church on Route 2, right in the center of town. It’s the big white church on the hill, the address is 906 Main Street, and you enter from the side, on Chapin Hill Road. There is a parking lot right behind the church. You will enjoy the friendly group which gathers with us monthly.


RSberk-athenaeum copy

We are thrilled that our first meeting in Pittsfield will take place the first Saturday in February at the Berkshire Athenaeum Conference Room from 2-4pm on February 6. Mark your calendar for 3/5 and 4/2. Socializing, light refreshments and an informal chat about the various choices the group can make about its format and direction.

Chat with Ed

For more information – or answers to any questions or concerns – give a call to Ed Sedarbaum, our organizer and founder, at 413-441-6006 or send him an email at

We also have a Berkshire Rainbow Seniors page on Facebook – “like” us and as you do that, ask to get notifications to each new post in your FB feed. Located in the  button at the top of the page, it’s easy to turn on and off if you are not sure.

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